We continue the route taken in 1974

With over 40 years of experience behind us we are now looking to the future with three new product lines, Open from 43’’ to 78”, Planing Flybridges from 77” to 122” and Semi-displacement Motor-Yachts from 30 to 38 meters.

  • Nauticsud Yacht Show

    From February 27th to March 6th at Nauticsud in Napoli

  • CNR AVRASYA Boatshow

    From February 13th to 21th at CNR AVRASYA Boatshow


  • Salerno Boat Show

    From October 17th to 25th at Salerno Boat Show in the Marina di Arechi.

  • Istanbul Boat Show

    From October 6th to 11th at the Istanbul Boat Show in Turkey 

  • Launched the new Posillipo 90

    The new model of the range of planing motoryachts was launched in the presence of the owner and the Rizzardi family.